Welcome To

Minecraft 4 Nerds

IP: m4n.co.uk

About Us

The M4N is a small community that supports both survival & creative players. We have very relaxed set of permissions allowing for little to no restrictions when exploring with your fellow crafters. A core feature for this server is to keep all functions of the game available to ALL players for free and do not nor intend on implementing a pay to win service.

Age Restrictions

We accept people of all ages on our server and everyone will be treated equally. If players show that they can be trusted and have the ability to communicate well with others, along with being active & helping out members of the community, then promotions are up for grabs with that being said, this is not an invitation for people to harass for higher ranks.

The Economy

Ranking up on the server can be done completely from the servers in-game money which means no real money is accepted on the server, when a player increases their rank they will receive perks like better daily rewards, kits & gadgets, fishing also seems to be a big hit allowing you to win competitions and sell custom fish, you can also sell items through shops and win large sums of money in mobarena fight hordes of mobs.


Our Rules

The list of rules bellow offer a brief guideline for players to follow. The rules will be defined further once on the server as there are rule boards at the spawn areas (rules change depending on gamemode). All rules must be followed, but if broken you will receive a warning by a staff member sending you a message. If you continue to disobey these rules, you will be banned. As the server is hosted in the UK and the majority of players first language is English, this is preferred language to be used within the in-game chat. Some places on the server do offer PVP, please ask before you attack another player as this is NOT a factions server and the majority of the community don't want to be gunned down at every chance.

Common Sense

Do NOT grief, use X-ray or steal other members property. This will lead to an instant ban and will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances!

Love Your Neighbour

Respect other members creations and proporties; do not walk over crops (this includes stealing); close doors on entry and if you see a door or gate open close it.

Keep The Server Clean

When playing survival, please, cut down the whole tree and remember to replant. No large holes in the ground, if you knock a sign down remember to put it back up.

Respect Others

Profanity is not strictly forbidden, but that does not mean you can use poor language in every sentence All players should be respected regardless of their rank.

Spawn Protection

Do not build near the spawn and on the survival map; do not mine around the spawn location and make sure there is a good amount of distance between you and the spawn.


Staff are expected to show only the highest possible level of maturity, but between general members we allow a more relaxed atmosphere


We have a discord server for our community which is what we all use to communicate with each other whilst in & out of the game, we also use it to keep up date with M4N whilst we're unable to play.

Our discord server is also used to submit support tickets for anything from change requests / recommendations or issues found on the server, there is also a category setup with a bunch of tutorials on how to use the server.

Live Maps

Want to see the map in fullscreen mode?


If you enjoy playing on the server feel free to vote as it helps us gain higher ranks on the server lists and it's away of saying thanks for all the hardwork the staff have put into the community.